4 Things to Look for in a Good Video Production Company

Finding a professional video production company in New Zealand such as Tandem Video Production Services can be very difficult. This is because nowadays, there are all types of people who are looking to fill the constant demand for video production. As such, there is a massive disparity in creativity, cost, customer care, and quality. Because you want your video to promote you or your company well, it is important to find the right production company that will get the job done properly. Below are 4 things that you should look for in a good video production company.

1. Experience.

The first thing you should look at when choosing a good video production company is the experience it has. Look at the years it has been in business, their extensive portfolio, and a few examples of their most recent work. Also, try to find out if the company is real and if they offer all the benefits of working with a full staff. Keep in mind that purchasing a high definition video camera, producing a website, and getting editing programs is very easy nowadays and hence if you are not careful, you may end up hiring an inexperienced person who makes all types of promises but fails to deliver.

2. Artistry and Quality.

It can be quite easy for someone to just set up a camera on a tripod, set up light, and then press record. But this will just lead to a mundane or common looking video. Try to find a video production company that appreciates the art involved in a filmmaking session and is interested in the project. If you are thinking about using graphics or animation in your video project, make sure that you pay close attention to the work of the artist who will be working on that particular aspect of your project. The use of newer DSLR camera models and film-style cameras can also help to give more depth and quality to your video. 

3. Large or Small Agency.

There is a wide variety you will find here. Large agencies will definitely be open to making your video project. However, they may be unable to provide a more personalized customer service. Large agencies tend to have numerous big accounts that they are working on any given day and your job may end up taking less priority. On the other hand, a small agency will most likely consider you an important client and give you a more personalized service by offering you things such as a dedicated producer and writer and the option to get in touch with them at any time to satisfy any queries you may have.

4. Budget.

You will most likely have a basic idea of what budget you can set aside for this video project. Make sure that you share it when you are proposing the project to the video production company you intend to work with. There are many different proposals that a company may present to you for a complete video production service. Some may charge $500 - $1000 while others may propose up to $100,000. The price will depend on which type of production company is proposing. If you are entrusting the work to someone cheaper who you found on a website, ask yourself why this particular person is offering his services at a cheaper rate than others. If your video is important to you, be prepared to put in a considerable investment, but also try to find the best value for this investment.

Written by Jeannine in misc on Tue 03 July 2018.