The landscape design that suits your personal concept.

Selwyn landscape architect here, we help you get the landscape design that suits your personal concept and your budget. Our designers are creative professionals who works in freehand drafting and CAD. We can help you visualize the whole concept of the design and you can make changes on them before we have them laid out on your garden. Our staffs have deep knowledge about plants, flowers and even trees. Such knowledge is important in creating a scenic garden design. One of the challenges in landscaping design is how to turn a small space into something awesome. It requires great imagination, coupled with knowledge about the materials to use and the type of plant or flower that best suits the condition. Well, it need not have to be a large space. Even a patch of lot could turn out to be a paradise. Another thing is the budget. Small budget, poor design. That’s not the thing here. There are so many cheap materials but could still bring out an outstanding look. When we apply creativity, we could use a vast choices of materials. Even things that seem thrown away could be a perfect piece. So have no worry about how your tiny pocket garden and your small wallet.

Written by Jeannine in misc on Fri 06 April 2018.