Putting Our Brains Into Practice

The moment we lie down on our quilts, we easily can fall asleep if we find it very cozy and comfortable. Nothing can really fight the force that our beds pull us in. however, at night, we have to give in to sleep so we can give ourselves the rest that it deserves. When we sleep, our body recovers from all the stresses that we put it under during the day. Sleeping is one of the ways that we could bring our body back to its healthy condition. Take for example of how sleep improves our memory. Because when we sleep, our minds still go to work. It performs in a way that it rewinds everything that we have learned and done during the time when we are awake. So when it remembers things, it gets sharpen and we can store more things with it. It is how our brains get to practice what it was able to learn. We may be able to learn while we are awake but sleep even makes it better so we have to make sure we get enough sleep to help our brain improve. You might even try learning new things after you woke up so your brains feel fresh. 

Written by Jeannine in misc on Thu 02 March 2017.