about Foma

maori-113729_1920The Federation of Maori Authorities Inc. (FoMA) is easily New Zealand’s largest Maori business network. Maori are the indigenous or first nation people of New Zealand.


FoMA members manage their own resources for the creation of wealth and the betterment of their owners /shareholders. This economic activity supports Maori across different levels from the whanau – small family group, hapu – the extended family or sub tribe, through to the iwi – tribal grouping.


maori-89317_1920FoMA was established in 1987 and has an Executive of eleven members. Elected on a three-yearly rotational basis, FoMA members represent the different regions in New Zealand. It draws its 130 members from throughout the country and they collectively administer 800,000 hectares of land approximately on behalf of an estimated 100,000 Maori beneficial owners.


Our main focus is fostering economic development, with a particular emphasis on land related development in the primary industries of New Zealand. The interests within our membership range in capability from small, single farm businesses, to diversified enterprises with international equity interests managed alongside interests across many primary industry, processing and servicing sectors. Among the industries in which FoMA is involved are fishing, forestry, agriculture and minerals.


FoMA has established the Maori Exporters Council in partnership with NZTE, the New Zealand Government’s department of trade and industry.


In the domestic economy FoMA has been instrumental in obtaining reforms for Maori business in taxation, property rights entitlements, land law reform and treaty rights as well as encouraging education and training support for Maori in primary and secondary industries.


The FoMA executive encourages improved governance and management of the Maori asset base, improved profitability in business and that in turn allows Maori people to fulfil their social and cultural aspirations.


An incorporated society established to represent the unique interests of its membership, it comprises of entities governed in the main by Te Ture Whenua Maori [Maori Land Act] 1993 and the Maori Trust Board legislation.


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